About me and this blog

As of writing this ( ago) I am 17 years old and will graduate from high school in June. If all goes well, I will be studying Computer Science after that. I am planning to blog frequently to write about my career progress.

I started programming when I was in 7th grade. It was an Arduino Project for the German competition “Jugend Forscht” (youth researches), in which me and my friends placed second in our State.

Unfortunately, I took a larger break after that and thus didn’t progress in my programming journey. Just about a year later, I looked into winforms, because I wanted to create some graphical applications. When I wanted to enter the mobile space, I started with Dart & Flutter, which is also what I used to publish my apps at the time. My favorite one: Labelcheck, the result of my school research on Neural Networks.

While I took 3 years of the Computer Science course at my school, it wasn’t really what I expected. First we were learning Java, like this:

To be honest, the first two years didn’t teach me anything new. In the last year, though, we focused on relational database systems and automaton Theory, which were both new concepts to me.


graph TD;
subgraph "School (12 years)"
0("First “real” contact with Programming<br>(Arduino Project for a competition)") -->
1("Learning independently<br>(C# Winforms, later Dart & Flutter)")-->
2("Deeper understanding of basic<br>Neural Networks<br><a href='https://github.com/phibr0/ml-in-mobile-apps'>School research Project</a>")-->3("Deeper understanding of Blockchain<br>and asymetric encryption<br>School research Project")

subgraph "Open-Source"
1---->4("First open-source <a href='https://github.com/phibr0?tab=repositories&q=obsidian'>Projects</a><br>Plugins for <a href='https://obsidian.md'>Software</a>")

subgraph "University"
3-.<i>future</i>.->5("Studying Computer Science")

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 |            (  /
 \             y'

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